Inspiring. Engaging. Tenacious.

Sobia Zafar

Executive Transformation Coach

“Sobia inspired me to see what’s really possible”

Claire A (Four times TEDx Speaker)


“Creating Success Inside Out”

We all are looking for the secret sauce that makes people successful. In today’s digital age there is so much information available that in looking we forget to seek. Information does not equal transformation. More on the To Do list doesn’t align with the To Be list. This talk cuts through that noise and explain in simple steps how we can create long-term meaningful success.

“Be Natural, Be Confident, Be You”

Leaders create more leaders. They rise by lifting others. To do that, they need to have a powerful personal brand and a passion to positively influence their people. That is when grace comes in, to be vulnerable, to be flexible, to say yes and to say no when the time is right, allow their people to inspire them and be a leader who oozes energy and unapologetic wisdom. This talk inspires listeners to develop deep lasting confidence and lead with power and grace.

“Make Aligned Choices – Not The Right Choices”

It is possible to work 24 hours a day and still have more to do. Thank you, technology. More people than ever now have no lives. This talks helps the listeners make choices and own the responsibility for creating balance in their lives. Corporations and organizations have turned to Sobia to show their people how to define personal priorities, set boundaries and achieve a semblance of balance that makes them happier, healthier and better assets at work. It is all about the right choices.