Sobia Zafar, Executive Transformation Coach

  • Change strategist for the UN and Fortune 100
  • Founder of Confidence Salon™ & The Prosperous Woman™
  • TEDx and Keynote Speaker on Success & Leadership

Sobia Zafar is an executive transformation coach, helping brilliant leaders go from success to fulfillment so that they can be the change they want to see in the world. These are the leaders who. live, love and lead wholeheartedly.

Sobia inspired me to see what’s really possible
Claire A

Sobia has worked with the United Nations and Fortune 100 companies on transformational projects and has created internationally acclaimed leadership groups to bring about global change.

Through storytelling, she engages her audiences in a simple way, gives hope and inspires them to make “tiny shifts” in their lives that create exponential results.

Aside from coaching and speaking, Sobia shares her vast knowledge, through her online programs and one to one mentoring accessible to those worldwide, to create prosperous and fulfilling lives.

She has combined 15 years of personal research and training to create her programmes which take leaders on a unique transformational journey to show up more powerfully in all areas of their lives- as they continue to play a bigger role in making this world a better place

Through her speaking, consulting, training and writing, she shares how we can create inside out success through clarity of vision and deep connections within ourselves.

Sobia completed her Masters in Business in Switzerland. She lives in Sydney with two curious and beautiful kids, and remains a global nomad at heart.

Sobia works with a handful of transformative leaders helping them to live, love and lead wholeheartedly..